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Default For new/average Pokemon Trainers (Games Introduction/Review)

These are Introductions/Reviews to all the Pokemon games that exist. This does not guarantee to show details of the games but only show you the general views of the games. If I’m missing anything, please notice me ONLY BY PM so I can add to my post. And if you have any comment or questions, just also PM me, you can also email me at incase my PM is full. Thank you. (This is going to be quite long so if you already knew something, just skip through.)

Some Keywords:

Pokemon: Monsters-like creatures have special powers; many type such as leaf, fire, water…

Pokedex: a device that records every Pokemon you’ve caught or fought with

Ash: the common main character name, you can choose your own main character name.

Gary: Ash’s rival since birth (you can also choose the name for this character).

Elite 4: Pokemon Maters, similar to gym leaders but only much harder to defeat.

Pallet Town: a town where you started the game.

Professor Oak: Gary’s grandpa, a scientist who studies about Pokemon, once was a trainer. Will be very useful because he’ll take care of your Pokemon once they’re stored in the PC.

PC: a device use to store any Pokemon that you’ve captured.

Pokemon versions:

-Red/Blue/Green/Yellow: These versions are similar to each other so I listed them as one. The only difference is that one has Pokemon that others don’t, so if you want to complete your Pokedex, you’ll have to trade. This is how the game started: You started out as “Ash” in Pallet Town. Your mission is to beat the Elite 4 to become a Pokemon master and fill up your Pokedex. To accomplish these missions, you’ll have to travel through towns, cities, dungeons, caves, and other places. Your journey is not going to be easy due to many secrets and troubles you’ll run into in the games. Generally, in the beginning of the game, Professor Oak, will introduce you to 3 rare Pokemon, however, you can only choose one, usually the Pokemon are charmander (fire type monster), squirtle (water type monster), and baubasaur (leaf type monster). You’ll have a rival usually name Gary; he’ll get to choose one too. After that, you’ll leave Pallet Town and your journey begins. Hint: you’ll have to listen to what other people says in the game so you know what to do. There are cheats out there for these games but it’s going to be more fun if you don’t use them.

-Silver/Gold/Crystal: All stay the same as R/B/G/Y except for these:
1) Many newer Pokemon.
2) Some old Pokemon from R/B/G/Y will not appear.
4) Newer region (Johto) and places (cities, towns, dungeons...)
5) You do not start in Pallet Town, instead another town that I can’t seem to remember the name.
6) Your tutor will not be Professor Oak, instead another prof. I can’t seem to remember the name.
7) Your starting Pokemon will be cindaquil (fire), tododile (water), and chikorita (leaf).
8) Some gym leaders will use different type of Pokemon.
9) The Elite 4 will use different type of Pokemon.
10) You get to travel 2 regions, the S/G/C region and B/R/G/Y region.
11) Different style PC, backpack, pokeball.
12) Will have berries trees and the picture quality is much better.

-Emerald: I don’t have any information for this game b/c I’ve never play it before.

-Ruby/Sapphire: These new versions brought Pokemon to the whole new level. They have all the features that the old ones has but much much better. Very few Pokemon from the previous games will appear, almost all the Pokemon in these versions are new. Same missions. You’ll get to meet new people, gym leaders, Elite four. Graphic quality is alsm. You can see the pokeballs very clearly. The brand new feature of these games is it has 2 on 2 battle which you can battle with 2 pokemon at a time.

- FireRed/LeafGreen: Exactly the same as R/B/G/Y, only that the graphic quality is better and has much features from the Ruby/Sapphire version. But still be very boring if you already played R/B/G/Y.

Ffhheww… now it’s done. Finally, enjoy^^.

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