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Default AW: Your very first Pokémon Game

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
I practically got it for nothing. A friend of mine in middle school didn't want his game anymore so he traded me his blue cart for a Japanese Double Colorless Energy trading card in the school cafeteria in May 1999.

I was so excited to have it but I never did anything with it sadly enough.

More later.
How do remember the time so well? Even the month. I wish I would remember which year it was.

Originally Posted by WereDragn View Post
I'm pretty sure that I started with Red and my brother got Blue. We would often trade exclusives over to each other, but only he really cared about completing the dex.
What did you do then? Just beat the game? I remember I defeated the league a bunch of times and I'm not sure why. Then I caught a glitch Pokémon which destroyed my hall of fame

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
The problem I had was, I felt obligated to catch all Pokemon and raise every single one evenly. Wild Pokemon give shit experience so it takes FOREVER!
Did you complete that goal? That must require quite some dedication. At the very beginning I mostly only raised my starter, the rest were at much lower levels, except for a few Pokémon. That changed in newer generations.
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