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Default Re: AW: Your very first Pokémon Game

Originally Posted by Virtual Headache View Post
How do remember the time so well? Even the month. I wish I would remember which year it was.

Did you complete that goal? That must require quite some dedication. At the very beginning I mostly only raised my starter, the rest were at much lower levels, except for a few Pokémon. That changed in newer generations.
1. Photographic memory. A female friend of mine has one too and we almost tried to outdo each on that.

2. Heck no. It wasn't until Fire Red and Leaf Green that I learned how to play Pokemon. 75% of what you encounter is useless. You build up a strong team of soldiers and they just blitz through every trainer you see. Finally you get to the Elite Four and that's where your real challenge begins because to me it's the only time you need a decent use of items.

In Emerald, I actually did a solo challenge with Swampert. I think I only used Skarmory for flying and possibly for an extra strength user? When I took on the Elite Four though, it was just Swampert and I. Nature, EVs, and IVs were not a factor although moved were important. I needed Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, and Strength.

I had about 10 Hyper Potions (varies how many you use there), 10 Full Heals (never used more than 3), and some PP restoring berries and items. Wallace is really the only threat with his Ludicolo and Giga Drain but at a high enough level, you can weather the 4x weakness of Swampert.
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