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Default AW: Your very first Pokémon Game

Originally Posted by WereDragn View Post
Pretty much just beat the league and restarted every time I got bored of the save, rinse and repeat.
I think I would have gotten bored quickly if I had done that. Then again, I defeated the league so many times I only restarted my game once which I regret but the internal battery must be dead now anyway. The reason for the restart was that I wanted to get Mew through the Mew trick even though I had a real event Mew...
Originally Posted by Winter View Post
2. Heck no. It wasn't until Fire Red and Leaf Green that I learned how to play Pokemon. 75% of what you encounter is useless. You build up a strong team of soldiers and they just blitz through every trainer you see. Finally you get to the Elite Four and that's where your real challenge begins because to me it's the only time you need a decent use of items.
In Red, I only trained my Blastoise and my Pidgeot. As I've progressed through all the Pokémon generations, my teams got evened out more and more (and the new EXP share in the sixth generation plays a big role in that). I still don't know how to play Pokémon properly battle-wise. And there are some type effectivities that I don't remember. Back when I first played Pokémon Red, I also didn't think anything of the Pokémons' stats. Non damage dealing moves appeared absolutely useless to me and I wondered why they even existed. It took me a while to figure that out xD
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