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Default Re: Skull Guardian (not Pokemon related)

Originally Posted by Virtual Headache View Post
I think it looks great. Have you ever throught of coloring it?
Why do you tihnk you can't draw like this anymore?
Can't say I have thought of coloring it tbh.
I've lost the original picture now anyways, since this was drawn back in like 2010 - 2011 time.

And I guess I've just become impatient when it comes to drawing now lol

Originally Posted by Dil View Post
I agree with VH in that you did an awesome job drawing the original card! I'm also curious as to why you believe you can't draw as well anymore. When was the last time you tried, and do you still enjoy it at least?
Probably just impatience on my part. I try every time I draw and do enjoy it, but don't take as much time as I used to and give up if I don't think it looks good.
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