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Thumbs down Resident Evil was ruined by Capcom...

I've been a fan of the RE franchise for over 20 years, and to see where it is today, well... it saddens me, quite frankly.

RE2 (the original) was my first experience with the series, but I generally consider the 2002 remake to be the scariest entry. The two remakes they brought out for 2 and 3 are just dog poop. Leon S. Kennedy looks like a soy boy. The zombies are basically bullet sponges, and they altered the story considerably, as well as cut out tons of stuff from in the originals. Like, the third game has the clock tower in the background during a dumb boss battle, yet you never go inside it. Nemesis acted corny too. He was not very scary, and most of his appearances are scripted.

The decline really started, not with the recent games, but with RE4. Now a lot of people love that game. I'm not gonna say it's a bad game. But it really has nothing to do with the other games before it, and every enemy loots. I also did not like the story in general, and there was too much action. Even a lot of the enemies were lifted from a fantasy story. Hell, you fight druids and ogres. There's even a giant mechanical pirate...

In all of the games that took place prior to RE4, the characters dealt with zombies and they learned more and more about the Umbrella Corporation. Yet when RE4 starts, they just announce that everybody made Umbrella go out of business. It's really annoying and lame how the series was going somewhere with that, then Capcom just decided not to further it anymore.

Albert Wesker was the main villiain until he died in the climax to RE5. In fact, he was not really in much of the game anyway. The game also had too much action, and you could play it in co-op. While that was kind of cool, it destroyed any horror aspects the game could have had.

Later on, Capcom basically started copying other games, and producing bad spin off games. They served as nothing more than a disgrace to the legacy of the franchise. Now they do these boring first person perspective games, where you play as a nobody called Ethan. Where did this dude come from anyway?, Ah, I don't care. You never see his face anyway. You just hear him speak, and mostly see his arms. That makes him boring. And they also like to throw in random stuff, hoping people will believe it's connected to the classic games, when beyond a few notes and Chris returning, you could argue across the point that it's hardly even related. And in 7: Biohazard, they made Chris look awful.

Do note these are just my opinions, but Capcom has added so much nonsense into the lore, that nothing makes any sense now. Some characters even have "powers" and whatnot. So how is that terrifying to anybody? Uh!

Capcom has really screwed up everything that made this series stand above similar horror games, and now it's basically just a generic action series, with creepy looking things. They also have some silly habit of going back to the year 1998. However, Raccoon City was destroyed in the original 3: Nemesis, yet they love to milk it for all they can nowadays.
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