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Old 01-25-2019 (03:07 PM)
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Default The Prespes Agreement and the Truth Behind it

Hello, PIforum users. I'm Super Mario, one of the members here. Today, I'll speak to you about the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYROM and what it means for my future plans here in PIforums.

As you all probably know by now, on June 2018, an agreement paper between FYROM and Greece was signed, ending the former's name, language and ethnicity matter after almost 25 years. But was the final solution accepted by the people of both countries and therefore worth it? No to both of cases and here's why.

Greece had always the rights to Macedonia, as ancient Macedonia was part of ancient Greece and therefore speaking ancient Greek. There was never any ''Macedonian'' language whatsoever, which this agreement says there was. That's a blatant lie and here's why: every ancient text unearthed and discovered in the Macedonian area of Greece is in ancient Greek, the same language spoken at the time in the entirety of ancient Greece. There was never any Macedonian language to begin with.
In fact, Macedonia is the area ruled by the Greek Macedonian tribe. Even today, Greece's Greek population consists of different tribes and races, though all of them descend from ancient Greece and that includes modern Greek Macedonians, the only true Macedonians by right, being descendants of ancient Macedonians. But what does mean for FYROM, whose people claim to be Macedonians?

Well, here's where things get interesting. The place where FYROM is today on the map was part of the greater country of Yugoslavia (forgive me if I say the name wrong). However, when the country was broken up in smaller ones in recent times, a part of it (modern FYROM) was left out without a proper name, language and ethnicity. But people already know that the majority of Yugoslavia's people are Slavic in descent, and FYROM was part of Yugoslavia before the violent break up. What does this mean? Well, it means that FYROM's people are of Slavic descent, not Macedonian, at least part of it.

But it doesn't stop here. FYROM, in regards to its people's race, is a complete mess. There are people of all sorts of races: Slavic people, Albanians, Bulgarians, Rumanians, even Greeks. There is no doubt that part of FYROM's grounds in the past was part of ancient Macedonia, that is clear. But the thing is, it was just a small part, particularly the part where you can find Greeks, the south part of FYROM. Those Greeks are the real Macedonians. In fact, the people who scream about being Macedonians are no Macedonians at all; they are of Slavic descent. Why would Slavic people scream they are Macedonians then? Well, about that...
Do you know what the people did when they found out Jesus Christ was the Messiah, but not the Messiah they desired? They denied Him, crucified Him and, to this day, still wait for their desired Messiah. It's the same case here: the Slavic people of FYROM do not want to accept their real Slavic history and ethnicity because in their eyes, they're lame in comparison to other countries. But the Macedonian history? Exactly what they wanted (and in close proximity too!). So they decided to refer to themselves as Macedonians simply because they feel shame for their real history. Are you surprised? Baffled? Well, sometimes History isn't as complex as they make it sound to be, you know... And since Greece sorely had the rights for the Macedonian history, thus began the dispute between the two countries, which lasted 25 years.

By accepting the North Macedonia name, it only increases the size of the lie these people live with for years now. And it will only make matters worse, not only for Greece, whose Macedonia part is now on track to be lost and become part of North Macedonia, but also for FYROM, because not all people accept the new name (in fact in both Greece and FYROM, more than 50% of their population do not want the new name), Greeks because of the Macedonian heritage and history, and FYROM because not everyone is of Slavic descent, therefore being called Macedonian in ethnicity will make a big part of the population there angry, as it is a lie. Plus, the nearby countries, Bulgaria and Albania have big parts of their people in FYROM and wait for the right time to take their piece of the cake and expand their territories. This agreement is a huge mess and mistake for both Greece and FYROM and it already shows. It gives FYROM the name North Macedonia, and Macedonian language and ethnicity and now the people living in real Macedonia are in danger of being recognized as a Macedonian minority and become part of North Macedonia, alongside the real Macedonia which rightfully belongs to Greece. And things will only become worse from here on. I fully expect a civil war to occur on either Greece or FYROM or maybe both in the coming days or months. This ain't over, not when very large amounts of people don't agree with the agreement from both involved countries.

Now, as a Greek born in Greece, I'm proud of Greece's history. I fully respect it and the histories of other people and countries. However I cannot respect a country that simply claims another country's history because its people don't like their real one and do not want to accept it. Writing the history however you want and not how it happened, that is a crime simply unforgivable and should not be allowed to take root or supported. For this reason, regardless of what the Prespes Agreement says, I refuse to recognize or refer FYROM with its new name; rather will, from now on, refer to it with a more proper name: Central Democracy of Valkanas, CDOV for short, thanks to the variety, as stated above, of races and people the country has. I would also like PIforums users to start referring to FYROM as CDOV or something similar; just don't call it North Macedonia or anything that includes Macedonia in the name, as it only allows for the influence of the lie the Slavic people live with to grow bigger.

If anyone has anything to ask on this matter, I'll be happy to discuss it with him or her.
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