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  1. Super Mario
    Super Mario
    I have the demo of the game and play it. It's A.W.E.S.O.M.E. No regards, the best Smash to date in terms of game speed for me.

    Now, on to characters: The JP edition of the game has been released. The final roster is the leaked one shown in August. Which means we can choose from about 48 characters to play with.

    Mewtwo is a trophy in the game (WHYYYYY?!)
    Wolf, Lucas, Snake and Ice Climbers are cut. It hurts yeah but what can you do. Blame Sakurai for wanting to make the game for the 3DS too.

    Music: Unova Pokémon League has the following 2 tracks: - N's Castle (contains parts of N's room, N's Castle and BW Ending from Pokémon BW)
    - Battle! Reshiram/Zekrom remixed with Dragonspiral Tower.
  2. Virtual Headache
    Virtual Headache
    thank you
  3. Super Mario
    Super Mario
    More info:

    - Galacta Knight alt, unfortunately, isn't in. There's hope for Dark MK though.
    - Zelda has no Hilda color change.
    - DARK BOWSER'S IN!!! ...Was it really necessary for his hair to be red though?
    - Yoshi's colors are green, yellow, red, cyan, blue, black, purple, pink. Dang it, I wanted to play Black vs. White Yoshi.
    - It seems the Miis are unlockable, as they didn't appear at the roster screen EVEN with the customization on.
    - No Dr. Mario alt for Mario.

    More info to come!
  4. Super Mario
    Super Mario
    I got this info about Smash 4 about the characters' alts if you 're interested. Here it goes: (It's 100% real, info comes from the Japanese demo of the game)

    - Zelda has no altenate costumes, only color changes (*sigh*) There's a rumor of a Hilda color change though, but it's still unconfirmed
    - Link has an costume that resembles greatly Fierce Deity Link from Majora's Mask.
    - There's a rumor of Toon Link having a costume resembling his pajamas from the beginning of Wind Waker, but it's still unconfirmed.
    - No Dry Bowser alt for Bowser (still hoping for a Dark Bowser alt)
    - Olimar has an altenate model change in Alph (4 alts for Olimar and 4 for Alph)
    - Pikachu's alts feature Ethan's hat, Calem's hat as well as the return of Party hat.
    - Yoshi gets black and purple color, no white
    - Meta Knight's alts include Dark Meta Knight and Galacta Knight.
    - Palutena has a color change that resembles Viridi.
    - Pit doesn't have a Dark Pit alt (!)
    - Kirby has an Unmasked Meta Knight alt.
    - No Masked Dedede alt for Dedede.
    - Lucina is unlockable.
    - Charizard gets his shiny form from the Gen II games (purple)

    I expect more info tomorrow. Hopefully your wanted alts did make it in.
  5. Laulie
    I am doing fine. Nice to see familiar faces here. Are you signed up on other forums too?
  6. Super Mario
    Super Mario
    Yeah, Zelda is one of my favorites too. Especially with her Hyrule Warriors design!
    Are you interested in Super Smash Bros 4?
  7. Laulie
    Thats good to hear! I am fine
  8. Super Mario
    Super Mario
    Hey, how are you? Good day btw.
  9. Laulie
    Ah, thank you so very much! How are you?
  10. Virtual Headache

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