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  1. Super Mario
    1 Day Ago
    Super Mario
    Getting close to getting Eternatus to Level 100. That's my third Level 100 Pokemon in the new games after Inteleon and Silvally. Not bad

    Oh, and I finally have all the fossil Pokemon now. As well getting a G-Max Drednaw at last. Today's been good so far
  2. Super Mario
    2 Days Ago
    Super Mario
    Managed to capture the event Gigantamax Snorlax on first try. That takes care of this event, looking forward for the G-Max Toxtricity and G-Max Melmetal ones (especially the latter)
  3. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Got the fifth Badge and now back to Hammerlocke. Tomorrow will make it to Circhester. Played several Max Raids in search of a Dreepy, but no luck. Instead I found a G-Max Drednaw and G-Max Sandacomda, and I failed to capture both. At least I got a male Deino out of all this mess, so things aren't so bad
  4. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Just got in mail a pre-order bonus from the store I got the Pokemon Sword/Shield Dual Pack, a small figurine of all three Galar starters! Nice
  5. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Made it to Stow-on-Side and got the fourth Badge from Bea. Tomorrow will make it to Ballonlea.

    Team so far: Inteleon Lv. 44, Corvisquire Lv. 42, Galar. Linoone Lv. 42, Coalossal Lv. 42, Toxtricity (Low-Key) Lv. 42, Galar. Yamask Lv. 42

    (Took out Applin due to not knowing any useful moves and I can't keep wasting Exp Candies forever )
  6. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Made it to Hammerlocke. Due to the local Cafe Master crushing my Inteleon, I'm not moving to Stow-on-Side until he has reached Level 40. At least now he can deal with Grass types at least, so that's something.

    Team so far: Inteleon Lv. 38, Corvisquire Lv. 36, Galar. Linoone Lv. 36, Coalossal Lv. 36, Toxtricity (Low-Key) Lv. 36, Applin Lv. 36
  7. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Checked with the Cafe Master in Motostoke and his Pokemon levels were the same (24). Disappointing maybe, but I'm still certain the levels DO increase. When I first battled him, his Pokemon levels definitely weren't in the 20s. Heck, my Pokemon levels weren't in the 20s either back then, I remember that well. Will check again later on. Now, to Hammerlocke!

    Team so far: Inteleon Lv. 36, Corvisquire Lv. 34, Galar. Linoone Lv. 34, Coalossal Lv. 34, Toxtricity (Low-Key) Lv. 34
  8. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Got the third badge and went to the Wild Area where I had multiple Max Raid battles. I even encountered Gigantamax Butterfree and battled it, but it had to break free from the ball. I'm sad
  9. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Hmm... Seems the Cafe Masters' Pokemon levels scale accordingly with your progress in the game. Challenged the one in Motostoke and his two Pokemon levels were the same as Nessa's ace Drednaw (24). Will repeat after getting the Motostoke Badge to be certain. If true this really bodes well for the post-game.
  10. Super Mario
    2 Weeks Ago
    Super Mario
    Got the second badge from Nessa and back at Motostoke for the third Badge. I admit Nessa gave me trouble, but still love her

    Team so far: Drizzile Lv. 34, Corvisquire Lv. 32, Galar. Linoone Lv. 32, Carkol Lv. 32, Toxtricity (Low-Key) Lv.32

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