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Pokémon in General For general Pokémon discussions that don't only cover the games or the animé in specific but broader topics and polls like "What's your favourite Pokémon?".
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Old 02-03-2019 (06:51 AM)
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Default Favourite Pokemon music

What is your favourite piece of music from Pokemon? Either the games, anime series, or anything?
Here are some of my favourites :

DP Route 201.
Dialga/Palkia Battle
Oreburgh City music
B2BW title music
B2W2 Route 10
The music in the gates between routes in XY

Anime :
Kaze no Message
Getta Ban Ban
High Touch
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Old 02-05-2019 (03:30 PM)
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Default Re: Favourite Pokemon music

More power to you if you can remember the exact spots like that! I can't! But I sure as heck love Pokemon music. Always been a big part of the games for me.
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Old 02-11-2019 (06:17 AM)
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Default Re: Favourite Pokemon music

From the games, some of my favorite themes are: the tour guide at the beginning of the games who shows you where the Pokemon Center and Mart are, Goldenrod City, Celadon City, Azalea Town, and the Pokemon League in Kalos.
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Old 02-26-2019 (01:55 PM)
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Default Re: Favourite Pokemon music

I have lots of favorite music tracks from Pokémon, so I'll just list my top 30 (games only)

In no particular order:

Battle! (Ghetsis) (All official versions)
Battle! Team Magma/Aqua (OR/AS)
Battle! (Colress)
Route 15 (X/Y)
Battle! (Lysandre) (X/Y)
Battle! (Steven) (all official versions, including Smash)
Shalour City
Kalos Power Plant
Battle! (Team Galactic Commander)
Battle! (Guzma)
Battle! (Aether Foundation)
Battle! (Lusamine)
Lusamine's Theme
Credits (B/W, B2/W2, OR/AS, S/M)
Battle! (Cynthia) (B/W and Smash version)
Looker's Theme (B/W and X/Y)
There's Trouble! (S/M)
Battle! (Island Kahuna) (S/M and Smash)
Battle! (Elite Four) (S/M)
Battle! (Team Rainbow Rocket)
Battle! (Giovanni)
Ultra Megalopolis
The Battle at the Summit! (S/M)
Battle! (Champion) (HG/SS)
S.S. Aqua (all official versions)
Sootopolis City (OR/AS)
Battle! (Elite Four) (OR/AS)
Victory Road (OR/AS and Smash)
Battle! (Frontier Brain) (OR/AS)
Battle! (Team Magma/Aqua Leader) (R/S/E and OR/AS)

Honorary mentions:

Battle! (Mewtwo) (X/Y)
Battle! (Raikou)
Battle! (Entei)
Battle! (Suicune)
Battle! (Lugia)
Battle! (Ho-oh)
Battle! (Regi Trio) (all official game versions)
Battle! (Primal Reversion)
Battle! (Rayquaza) (OR/AS)
Battle! (Deoxys) (FR/LF and OR/AS)
Battle! (Legendary Pokémon) (D/P/Pt)
Battle! (Lake Guardians)
Battle! (Dialga/Palkia)
Battle! (Giratina)
Arceus's Genesis (HG/SS)
Battle! (Legendary Pokémon) (B/W)
Battle! (Reshiram) (B/W and Smash)
Battle! (Zekrom) (B/W and Smash)
Battle! (Kyurem)
Battle! (Black/White Kyurem)
Battle! (Xerneas/Yveltal)
Battle! (Ultra Beast)
Battle! (Solgaleo/Lunala) (S/M and Smash)
Battle! (Tapu)
Battle! (Ultra Necrozma)
Eternal Prison
The Sun Goes Down
I'll Go with You
Battle! (Team Galactic) (Smash)
Battle! (Team Flare) (Smash)
Cinnabar Island (LGP/LGE)
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