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Default What main series Legendary Pokemon mascots represent

Hi everyone,

Making this thread for one and only reason. We all love Legendary Pokemon, correct? They 're those super rare creatures that are hard to catch? Yeah, those ones. Many people around the world love them, but does anyone know what they are meant to represent? Without further ado, let's start:

Lugia - Ho-oh

The first Legendary Pokemon to be mascots for core games. Yet, despite that, it's difficult to determine what they are meant to represent. Gold and Silver remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver do give an idea in their titles (Ho-oh represents heart, Lugia the soul), but it's still a stretch. However, Ho-oh only appears to trainers with a pure heart, so even if we assume correctly Ho-oh is meant to represent the heart, a pure one at that, it's not certain what Lugia is meant to represent.


Suicune is mentioned in the games to be the embodiment of the northern wind.

Groudon - Kyogre - Rayquaza

Land, Ocean, Sky, respectively. Omega, Alpha, Delta respectively. Enough said.

Dialga - Palkia - Giratina

Time (Dialga) - Space (Palkia). Both of those Pokemon represent matter according to lore. Giratina on the other hand seems to represent antimatter.

Reshiram - Zekrom - Kyurem

Truth and Ideals, Yang and Yin (Reshiram & Zekrom respectively). Kyurem represents Wuji. Ghetsis also implies in Black 2/White 2 that Kyurem represents ambitions. Makes sense, as in order for someone to realize their ambitions, you will need to do so either based on your belief in your ideals, or your belief in truth, which is what Kyurem's two fusions with Zekrom or Reshiram respectively (Black Kyurem / White Kyurem) represent.

Xerneas - Yveltal - Zygarde

Xerneas represents Eternal Life, Yveltal represents Eternal Oblivion. Life and death in general, respectively. Zygarde represents the order in the circle of life and death, as it only acts when said circle is disrupted.

Solgaleo - Lunala - Necrozma

Sun and Moon (Solgaleo & Lunala respectively). Necrozma represents eclipse, solar and lunar (Dusk Mane Necrozma/Dawn Wings Necrozma).

Zacian - Zamazenta - Eternatus

Here's the interesting one. Eternatus represents infinity alright, but what are Zacian and Zamazenta supposed to represent? Just a sword and shield? Makes them kinda suck compared to previous Legendary Pokemon mascots, right?

So there you have it, what the Legendary mascot trios (and Pokemon associated with them) represent. Though Gen 8 kinda sucks in that regard after all the previous representations (Just a sword and shield? Really?), I hope Gen 9 tackles the theme of Past, Present and Future. It's more interesting than a sword and shield, right? Anyway, what do you guys think? What elements do you want represented in Legendary Pokemon mascots in Gen 9?

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Default Re: What main series Legendary Pokemon mascots represent

Thanks for the interesting thread! As for which themes I would want the next Legendary Pokemon to represent, that's a good question. Perhaps something to do with virtues such as resilience and dedication.
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