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Old 10-14-2011 (04:07 AM)
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Default Re: #003 Venasaur

Originally Posted by Pivott View Post
Oh wow, are you serious?
With Venusaur's Dream World ability and Growth?
Oh. My. God. He's running at DOUBLE SPEED with +4 in ATTACK AND SP. ATTACK.
One of THE best Grass types. It has enough HP and defences to take an Ice attack or two aswell. Friggin' 30/10, I love this guy.
I completely agree. Venusaur's definetely one of the best.
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Old 10-16-2011 (01:37 AM)
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Default Re: #003 Venasaur

hmmm... Well its not a half bad pokemon... i guess
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Old 10-17-2011 (11:02 AM)
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Default Re: #003 Venasaur

Venusaur is an absolute BOSS on the battlefield - with his new ability Chlorophyl, Growth giving +2 in both offensive stats while in sun, and his really nice stat distribution, he can sweep through teams without batting an eyelid...

I agree 100% - 30/10
I use him on my team, the Forest Fire - he is my absolute pride and joy.

Melissa, you dare defy Venusaur's ultimate Dominence? I'll show you on Wifi when I can get on next. I just got the Forest Fire for wifi! I'm so excited!!!
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Old 07-19-2013 (06:05 AM)
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Default Re: #003 Venasaur

"Dream 2 Defy! Extreme is not a style but a way of life."-Jeffery Nero Hardy

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Old 10-15-2014 (08:33 PM)
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Default Re: #003 Venasaur

I just bred a Venusaur a few days ago to test it out competitively, and I love its stats! It honestly has no weaknesses whatsoever; each stat is at least average or above. Synthesis in combination with its great Defense and Sp. Def stats make it a great tank, and its Mega Evolution is an offensive threat as well.
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Old 09-22-2018 (10:33 PM)
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Default Re: #003 Venasaur

I like floral pokemon. So naturally I think he is COOL I like his mega form too. Cherry blossom head <333 win. so pretty.

I wasn't as fond of him when i was younger though, its funny. I now might like him most of the final kanto forms....though zard is pretty sweet too for being like a classic firey dragon :3
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