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Default Frolic City Academy

Frolic City Academy

A/N : Did I? But I did! My famous fanfic straight from Frolic Forest!

Disclaimer : I only own Sapph and Miss Snagger.

Everyone else is copyright of their respected owners.


Chapter One : Textbooks, Magic Class and Roxas

Two boys and a girl walked down the enchanted, marble halls of Frolic City Heroes Academy. Nekos, half-breeds and Mages-in-training dotted the corridors. Many of them had distinct features that showed what they were while with others, it was hard to tell whether they were another breed or an average human. But no-one, just no-one, was 100% human.

One of the boys had blonde hair that was spiked at the top and any excess tied in a pony tail and green eyes. He was dressed in the boy's uniform which was a white dress shirt, a navy overcoat with the school emblem and black slacks. This was Light Yagami; Light for short.

The other boy had shorter, fiery-red hair that had two spikes down to his chin and brown eyes. He was also dressed in the boy's school uniform. This is Gladwell Knight but everyone calls him Black Dragon; BD for short.

The girl had blue, shoulder-length hair that was tied in two low pig tails and blue eyes. She was dressed in the girl's uniform which consisted of a blue, knee-length skirt and vest atop a white, long-sleeved shirt. This was Sapphire Oceana Pricilla; Sapph for short.

"Another day, another boring magic class..." Light moaned while slinging his bookbag over his shoulder. He HATED magic class with a passion for one reason; the teacher, Miss Snagger.

Miss Snagger was a purple-haired, proffessor in her late twenties that teaches magic at the school. She wore a lab coat and wire-rimmed glasses and dark clothing underneath her coat. She was a no-nonsense person and always told Light off for not paying attention and talking in class.

"Maybe she wouldn't be so hard on you if you ACTUALLY paid attention insted of talking to Red all the time!" BD remarked. As well as Miss Snagger, BD often told Light off so the pair were often rivals.

"But Miss Snagger's so nice," Sapph spoke up. "And she helped me with my Reflectaga spell!"

"You're her 'pet' Sapph. As well as being her little cousin," Light replied. "She just hates me."

"You know the saying, 'First impressions matter'?" Sapph asked curiously.


"What was her first impression of you?"



"Mr. Yagami! Get off the desk and put that iPod away!" Miss Snagger screamed at the young boy. Said boy is dancing on his desk, listening to Panic! At the Disco on his iPod. "MR. YAGAMI!" The professor rubber her temples tensely. "They'll never let me live this down..."

In a flash of pink light, a blue staff with 'Diamond Dust' engraved in the side with a snowflake on the top appeared in her hand.


Snowflakes surrounded Light and a few moments later, he was incased in a block of ice.

"Now class, Let this be a lesson to all of you." Miss Snagger pulled out a leather book and flipped forward a few pages.

"Turn to chapter three which is ice-based spells and read the first page."

(End Flashback)

"Oh yeah..." Light muttered. "I remember now..."

"Do you remember that it took us three 'effin days to defrost you?!" BD shouted in his ear. (A/N : FYI, you didn't defrost him)

"Leave him alone BD! You were the one who planted the iPod into his ears!"

"That was Red!"

"Uh, guys?"

The third period bell whent and the students whent scuttling off to their designated classrooms.

"Have to get to art class now! I did a special sketch for Mr. Artemis!" Sapph's voice chimed. "Bye bye!" And she rushed off down the hall. BD stalked off in the other direction, muttering :

"I've got katana practice."

Light sighed. "I'll just have 'ta suck it in..." The bell rang again. "Oh man! I'll be late!"


"Now focus your energy like this to make an orb..." Miss Snagger demostrated to the class and a blue-grey orb formed in her outstretched hand. "The colour of the orb shows your true element. Now class-"

At that moment, Light bursted into the room, panting.

"Ahh... Mr. Yagami. You're late again." She walked up to Light and handed him a pink piece of paper. "Detention in my class after school. Now head to your seat."

Light grumbled but did as he was told. He slumped into his seat next to a snickering Red.

"Shut up."

"As I was saying, we have two new students today. You might've heard of their adventures. They were transfered here very recently and you might know one of them as 'The Dual-Wielding Unknown'."

Excited whishpers chorus through the classroom and squeels of joy echoed from the fangirls. (A/N : Too bad Sapph's not in this scene)

"Settle down now! Anyway, they seem to be running a tad late so-" She was intrrupted again when a familiar looking blonde entering through the door Light forgot to close. Said blonde was holding a brunett boy, bridal style. All the other boys stared with their eyes wide while the yaoi fangirls in the class screamed. Miss Shadow casted Blizzard on their mouths to prevent any more noise.

"We're sorry we're late, Miss Snagger. Sora here fell asleep in math and I had to carry him all the way here." Roxas explained.

"That's fine, Mr Strife. Just put him beside my desk." Silent murrmers of 'I knew it!' and 'Is he really related to Cloud?' echoed across the room, interrupting Roxas' first sentence.

"Scilence!" Miss Snagger slammed her palms on her desk and the class fell silent. "Thank you. Anyway, continue, Mr. Strife."

"Err... Well, my full name is Roxas Strife. My brother is Sora Strife. And my favourite subject is P.E."

"Um... Interesting. Now please take a seat next to Mr. Yagami, the one with blonde hair."

Roxas nodded silently and did as he was told, slumping into the seat next to Light.

"We wil wait until Mr. Sora Strife wakes up. But for now, turn to chapter 9 which is the different kinds of magical rods. Mr. Strife, it's the leather book labeled, 'Magic'."

He reatched into his bookbag and pulled out a book matching Miss Snagger's description. Every girl in the class paid less attention to their teacher's lecture and more attention on either Roxas or the sleeping form of Sora.

The violet-haired professor sighed mentally. 'Why do I feel like the attention span dropped in this class?'


The lunch bell went in Mr. Artemis' art class and almost all the students scurried off to the cafeteria.

"Remember class!" Mr. Artemis said to them as they walk out. "Your collage is due next Friday!"

Mr. Artemis Bommen was a man in his early-thirties with forest-green hair that was spiked down. He wore a white, long-sleeved shirt and brown trousers. He had a kind nature and was very supportive of his students. However, there are times when he was just TOO honest for somethings.

Sapph walked up to him carrying a small sketchbook in her arms while he was putting away some art supplies.

"Mr. Artemis, I did a special sketch for you!" she chimed cheerfully. As anyone could assume, Sapph had a HUGE crush on her teacher and often did sketches for him during art class. However, this was just a cover. The sketches were for Mr. Artemis' nephew, Yellow Bommen (Bommen for short) who transfered a few months before.

"Another one?" He chuckled, taking the sketchbook from her dainty hands.

"Yup!" she giggled, holding out the sketchbook. It was of four winged people, one with pure white wings, one with bat wings, another with a black and a white wing and the last with grey-tinted wings.

"They look familiar..."

"It's the Twilight Gang! Remember, from the story you told Shadow?"

"I'm guessing she told you?"

"Yup yup!" she took back the sketchbook and gently crammed it into her bag. "Lunch time! Bye now!" Running out the door, she waved to her teacher. As she wasn't looking where she was going, Sapph bumped into someone carrying piles upon piles of textbooks.

"Oh!" Sapph grunted and stumbled to the side. The person carrying the textbooks lost their balance and fell over on their back, causing the books to fly everywhere.

Sapph stood up and dusted herself then franticly went to help up the student.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see where I was going!"

"It's okay. I get that a lot," the student, a boy, sighed.

Sapph continued to stare the boy. 'He's cute!' she mentally giggled. Blonde, spiky, gravity-defying hair sat atop his hair and he had sparkling blue eyes that could make any girl drool. 'He looks bishie material.' He started picking up his textbooks and pilling them up on one side.

"Hey, are you new around here?" He stopped and stared at her. "What? I SHOULD know who everyone is 'cos I'm in charge of the popularity list!"

"Popularity list? You have one of those?"

"Yup. I don't really see why we have one but my friends pretty much begged me to do a list and everyone who mattered to participate. But that's going off topic, huh?" The boy nodded. "Whatever. I'll tell you more at lunch. Anyways, are you a cosplayer or something? 'Cos you like that guy with spiky hair in 'Bishonen Weekly'." (A/N : Made that magazine up. ^^)

"No, this is natural."

"Oh, I see. Anyways, my name's Sapph. What's yours?"

He was about to reply when a girl with long, black hair tied in a low ponytail with a purple ribbon ran down the hall towards them.

"Sapph!" she cried. "What's taking you so long? Everyone's waiting for you to update the popularity list in the cafeteria!"

"Geeze, I know already! But can't you see I'm busy here, Maseki?"

'Maseki, I gotta remember that name just in case,' the boy told himself.

"I also heard that two of the new students the transfered here were Sora and Roxas!"

A huge blush crept along Sapph's face.

"Are you serious, Maseki?!" Her friend nodded. Sapph let out an ear-piercing, fangirl squeel of joy. "This is awesome! I think I actually have a chance with Roxas!"

Maseki rolled her eyes as Sapph turned back to her 'friend'.

"I really sorry for running off like this but people tend to get rowdy if I don't update the list!"

They boy nodded, understanding.

"Hey, I'll make it up to you. Meet me in the cafeteria and I'll let ya sit with my friends and I! That okay?"

"Sure. Is it okay I bring my brother along?"

"Okay! The more, the merrier!" She giggled the turned to the other direction. "Gotta fly now! See ya!" Sapph ran off, Maseki tagging behind.

The boy stared at his new 'friend'.

"If she's looking for Roxas, then isn't she looking for me?"


The cafeteria. The most CHAOTIC place in all of FCA because of the hundreds of students that crowd around the huge list labeled, 'Popularity Status' on the north side of the room. In fact, to reach the top, Sapph had to use a 30-foot ladder.

"SAPPH!" BD shouted to her from the foot of the ladder after reading the list. "I demand a recount!"

"Have you seen the fangirl and video game addicts tables lately?" Sapph replied calmly from her pesdal. "Besides, we don't vote!"

"Guess you're jealous 'cos aren't the top dog of the school anymore, huh BD?" Light snickered.


Maseki slapped the back of their heads. "Quite whinning you two!"

The top ten on the list was as follows :

1. Sora Strife
2. Roxas Strife
3. Gladwell Knight (Black Dragon)
4. Light Yagami
5. Sapphire Pricilla
6. Sakura Uchicha
7. Maseki Kurse
8. Michael Ryuuto
9. Harrison Black
10. Jackson Pierce

A girl with short, purple hair tied in small pigtails to the side ran up to Maseki, whom was also standing at the base of the ladder, a note. Taking it from the girl's hands, her eyes then dotted across the page.

"Hey Sapph! This just in! According to Myuuvui and Yoru, Demyx, Axel and Zexion just transfered here! They should be entering through the doors at any minute!"

"Today?! I gotta edit the list again!" BD groaned as everyone else gasped and ran to sit near the cafteria doors, awaiting their arrival. Maseki then handed BD the small peice of paper then ran off.

"I don't understand this, five people from Kingdom Hearts in one day! I don't get how this is happening..." Light thought deeply about his comment.

"We live in a world where fiction is also reality. Both the video game and the character exist," BD muttered. (A/N : I wish our world was like that. XD)

"Speaking of which, how old is Axel? He must be like, 18 or something. The other two must be at least 16..." Light continued to ramble about their ages though no-one seemed to pay attention.

"Hey guys, do you know what their last names are? BD, you're holding the list."

Said boy glanced at it.

"Firaga, Waterga and Twilaga. You're smart enough to figure out who's which."

"Yeah, whatever..." Sapph slowly waved her hand over the names of the list and the names moved down three places. Carefully, she scribbled in Axel Firaga, Demyx Waterga and Zexion Twilaga into the now-empty top spaces.

"Firaga, Waterga and Twilaga, what kind of names are those?" She muttered while climbing down the ladder. "They're the spells you learn in magic class."

BD and Light were about to reply when the doors slammed open and three tall, bishie-worthy boys entered. Sapph let out a scream that broke the nearest window.

"Ah crud! Where's Sapph's hyperness pills when you need them?!"


A/N : I have three chapters including this one all written down. I'll get the next one up if I get replies. Hope ya'll like it!
Like school fics? Like Kingdom Hearts? Like the occasional yaoi hint? Then apply now at Frolic City Academy! Chapter 2 up now~!

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Default Re: Frolic City Academy

A/N : Kyaaah... After this, I'm not posting up another fanfic! *slumps* Another failed attempt...

Chapter Two : Jock, Bank Geek and Emo

The video game addicts cheered, the fangirls fainted and Sapph broke a window with her scream.

Three boys, a red-haired pyro, a mullet-haired rocker and an emo-looking boy with violet-silver hair covering his right eye, walked through the doors.

"So this is the school they're shipping us off to? Doesn't look like anything special to me," the red-head remarked. They casually walked down through the room.

"That's surprising considering that this is one of the more expensive schools in the area," the emo-loooking one commented. "I'm also quite certain that Number XIII might be here, like they told us."

"Zexy, you trust the bosses way too much! Right Axel?" the mullet-haired one chimed cheerfully.

"I have to agree with Demyx, you trust them too much."

"I do not!"

They settled themselves down at a table some people vacated just for them, ignoring the fangirl/boy stares they were getting.

"People here seem a bit...hyper. Don't they Zexion?"

"We have a lot of fans, Axel."

Over by the north wall, BD and Light were restraining a girl by the name of Sapph who was in her very strage, but very dangerous, 'Hyper Fangirl' mode. Said girl threatens to rip off their limbs if she doesn't get an autograph.

"Just let it go, Sapph!" Light grunted, holding her back by her left arm.

"Yeah!" BD strained. "They aren't even human!" This only made her fume even more.

"If I don't get their signatures on my Chain of Memories manga, SOMEONE is gonna be sorry!"

The two boys gulped. She always said that but she usually means it. After all, they didn't want to be like the last guy who made Sapph mad.


"AAAAAHHHHH!!!!" a random boy screamed down the halls while running from a fuming Sapph. The latter holding a very large wooden mallet above her head.


(End Flashback)

The two gulped once more.

"Ahh... Good times, good times..." they heard Sapph sigh.

"How did you know what we're even talking about?" Light asked her, almost sure that it isn't possible for people to see other people's flashbacks.

"You narrated. Didn't you hear yourself?" BD said to him. Sapph nodded in agreement.

"This is going way off the storyline, isn't it?" His friends nodded in unison.

"Ah well! Lets go eat lunch now!" Sapph broke from her friend's hold, grabbed her school bag (which was also at the base of the ladder) and ran to a vacant table.

BD and Light just blinked and followed her slowly.

"Lets see, that hyper mode lasted..." Light glanced at his watch. "Three minutes and eight seconds."

"That's the shortest one yet," BD mumbled.

"Guuuuyyyyssss...! C'mon! Before everyone assumes that you're having a yaoi moment!"


Roxas enter through the double doors of the cafeteria, a half-asleep Sora by his side.

"Roxas, who are we looking for again?" the older-by-two-minutes-brother/other yawned.

"Sora! For once, keep your eyes open! We're looking for a girl with blue hair. How hard can that be?" Sora pointed to the various people around the room, each having some form of blue hair.

"Oh... This'll take a while..."


Light bit into his hamburger hastily. Lunch was nearly half-over and they only just started eating. Light sat across from Sapph and beside BD.

Sapph, however, ate hers rather slowly whilist deep in thought.

Where is he?, she thought dreamily.

"Sapph, aren't ya hungry?"

"Eh? Oh, I am. I'm just waiting for someone."

"I see..." Light glanced over her shoulder and spotted our favourite Nobody and hero. "Heh. Roxas and Sora cosplayers!"

"They seem pretty real to me," BD muttered.

"Cosplayers?" She turned to face the people Light was refering to. "It's them!" She started waving at them hyperly to get their attention. "HEEEEEEYYYY! Over here!"

"You found her pills?" BD asked softly.


"Roxel! Soriku! Over here!"

'Forget the pills, tell her to get off the yaoi fics!' Light thought to himself. (A/N : Figure out the origin of the names yourself...)

"Roxel! Soriku!" Tired of all the wierd stares she was getting, she ran behind them instead. "Why didn't you hear me?"

Sora yelped at the sudden voice but Roxas turned calmly to meet Sapph's face.

"You guys are late!" she whined. "Lunch is almost over! C'mon!" She grabbed both of them by the collar and dragged them off at full speed, chanting 'I found them!' at a mile a minute.


(Roxas' POV)

The bell went for the end of school and the halls flooded with students once more. I wiped a bead of sweat from hmy forehead as I exited language class. No matter where I went, I always saw either BD or Light in some of his classes and Sapph in the hallways. Coincidence? Maybe. In fact, there was Sapph right now.

"Hiya, Roku-sama!" Sapph chimed, waving her hand avidly.

"Roku-sama? I don't deserve a 'sama'."

Sapph giggled as she ran up to me. "I respect you a lot. That and 'san' didn't sound right, 'chan' is for girls, 'dono' is way too formal and 'kun' seemed too obvious. So 'sama' it is!" This was followed by another giggle.

"Err...Right..." A large sweat drop ran down the back of my head.

"So you take Japanese too? That makes two of us!" Roxas cocked his head to the side in confusion. Then it flashed back to him, language class.

"Light takes French and I dunno about BD 'cos he wouldn't tell me. So uh..." she spouted a sentence in Japanese.

"What?" I wasn't the best at understanding other languages.

"I said, 'Would you like to help me with my languages homework?' but I don't think you could help. I guess that's too bad."

She started to skip away, people clearing a path for her to go.

"Wait Sapph!" She stopped dead in her tracks.

"So you'll help?" she asked without even facing me. "Arti-kun can't tonight."

Every boy in the area sobbed hardly but she barely even flinched.

Now I was really confused. Who was Arti-kun?

"He's an old friend of mine. He's two years older than me and helps with my Jap and math homework. But he can't tonight..."

I blinked. Could Sapph read minds? Or was that just a coincidence that I happned to think the same thing?

She turned and flashed a sweet smile at me and every other boy fumed with jealousy.

"But it's okay. You're probably busy doin' the Final Mix for Kingdom Hearts 2!"

I nodded. Nomura called me saying we were continuing production for Kingdom Hearts II : Final Mix+. I guess an avid fangirl doesn't want to wait for a game she really wants.

"I'll be seeing ya!" She skipped off towards the doors, humming 'Simple and Clean' as she went past.

I blinked once more. This place was getting more intresting by the moment.

"You should be lucky." Maseki said as she walked slowly behind me. "She hasn't smiled like that since Bommen left. And everyone knows her mind's still tangled up in emotions."

I put the peices of the puzzle together.

"So whoever this Bommen guy is, used to be Sapph's boyfriend?"

"You're close, Roxas. You're close."

(End POV)


"I'm getting worried," Shadow's voice came through the reciever. "She's healing but I don't think..."

"She'll be fine," a man's voice assured her. "As long as those sketches keep reaching him, she'll be fine."

"...I heard her once. She thinks she might not be able to hang on much longer..."

"Just tell her to wait! Yellow will be returning this fall, if his parents agree, that is."

"Artemis, I don't think she'll be able to wait that long. She can't even stay on task longer then five minutes without having to call him! If she doesn't, she gets withdrawl symptoms worse than Ryuuk's..."

There was scilence for a few minutes...

"She'll survive...I think."


A/N : *rubs tear out of eye* Maybe Arti-kun was lying when he said he like it? Am I not as good as everyone said? *is unusually persisstemistic*
Like school fics? Like Kingdom Hearts? Like the occasional yaoi hint? Then apply now at Frolic City Academy! Chapter 2 up now~!

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