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Old 03-04-2009 (03:07 PM)
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Default Lugia's Revenge

It was a scary, creepy and stormy night. It was raining heavily outside, while the five Pokemon slept calmly in their comfy leaf-beds. None of them knew what was about to happen. A long shadow flew over their hill. A bird shadow, to be exact. The Pokemon was speeding ahead, towards the foamy sea. It's wings cut of the speed of sound in half; and it was over the ocean in moments, but something went wrong. Very wrong. Two Ariados nets flew at him. At his current speed, there was no way to avoid them; he would just have to cut right through. But what he didn't know that Ariados silk was stronger, denser and tighter than a Kecleon's wallet. He bounced of one net and bounced right in the other one, to which he was literally glued. He could't move, though he did try struggle. He was falling into the sea. But the sea separated in half, to show a round secret base of some kind and a patch of Corsola. He was falling on them now, and he would have been shattered into pieces-but yet another silky spider-web appeared under him and saved him from certain death.
-"Your effort is futile.", a voice emanted through from the shadow.
-"Now where have I heard this cliche before? Oh, yeah, it was from that prostitute last night. Was it your mother, Tyranitar? Or your sister?", he answered. From the shadows of the Secret Base emerged a mounstrous Pokemon. It's dark armor seemed inpenetrable, and it's threantning fangs bared out. "Woah, Tyranitar. You look bad. What the fuck happened to you?", he asked. The Tyranitar smiled.
-"I have been showed the truth about real power. You too shall soon understand our cause..."


-"Oh, for Palkia's sake! Get up, ya lazy bum!", yelled Moona (she was an Umbreon, Moona was her nickname as you must have in mind) at the leaf sheat. The lump underneath it moved slightly, and the next moment, two yellow paws streched from under the leafy sheat. Moona walked away from the bed, convinced that she woke Zap, the Jolteon up.
-"O.K., so when are we going to the market, Blaze? I think we should as soon as Jolteon wakes up. He always sleeps late. We should leave the juniors at home. I mean, we don't wan't anything happening to them.", discussed Stream, a Vaporeon.
-"I agree. So, let's grab some money, yell "Pie" at Jolteon, that always wakes him up and go down to the Landora town.", agreed Blaze, the leader of the group and a Flareon. Stream nodded. They both sneaked behind Zap's bed and yelled "PIE!" at the same time. Jolteon shot out, yelling back "WHERE!?", and running around in circles. When he finally got out of the half-sleeping state and asked promptly;
-"Are we going to the market?", to which Stream and Blaze replied in a simple nod. "And we are leaving the Juniors home?", another nod. "Juniors" were how Blaze, Stream and Zap called Moona and Sunbo since they were younger than them. They all stashed their wallets into Jolteon's needly fur, where they were hidden. An epidemic of pickpocket Murkrows has attacked Landora town.
-"See ya!", said Stream to the Juniors.
-"Wouldn't wanna be ya!", added Zap.
-"Yeah, whatever.", said Moona and slammed the door. Blaze turned around and looked at the beatiful valley Gaze. What could possibly go wrong? But he's in for a suprise... a BIG suprise...

-"Eheheheh...Last one to Landora is a Skuntank!", yelled Zap, and the three ran down the hill to the tiny town at the bottom of Gaze valley. A Skuntank heard his name and came out from underneath the earth, where its lair was, blocking Stream's way. Stream turned into vapor and reappeared in front of the Skuntank, running like nothing had happened.
-"Show-off...I'll show you something to boast about", said Jolteon. His fur got all needly and he rolled himself up in a neat little ball, then bounced of in the lead. Just as they were running through the forest, just a few steps away from the town, Blaze, who was last, shot out a fireball out of his mouth at a nearby tree. It burned the branch which fell on Zaps head, and then Stream tripped over him. Blaze passed into the lead and got into town first.
-"Hahahaha! What a bunch of Skuntanks!", he laughed at them. Zap looked at him with the "Lethal Look number 3", and Blaze instantly stopped laughing. Together, they entered Landora town. At their left were three Totems of a Hoothoot, Stantler and Spearow, Toxicroaks potion shop, Arcanine's linking shop, and at last, but not least, Buizel Water park. At the right were the Kecleon Brothers, who ran an Items shop, Parasects Bank, Sealeos Item Storage Warehouse and some citizen houses. They went to Sealeos stand. Sealeo looked at them curiosly.
-"Yes? May I help you, gentleman?", he asked.
-"We...", started Blaze. Then he looked around to see if anyone was listening to what they shouldn't and leaned closer to Sealeo. "I, last night, found a peculiar item. But before we continue, may we come inside? These," he said and looked at a Milotic who had looked particulary interested in Sealeo's stand of items for rent, "these walls have ears...If you know what you mean. Sealeo nodded and showed them to a citizen house. They entered into a damp square room with comfy armchairs and pillows. Sealeo climbed onto one pillow and looked at them again.
-"So? The item?", he asked. Zap shook his fur and a giant silver feather flew out.
-"Nice trick", said Sealeo, suprised. He looked at the item. "Wow. In all my years...Well, it certainly isn't Kecleon merchandise. I would say it is an extremely good fake."
-"Fake? Fake of what?", asked Stream, suspiciosly.
-"Why, of Lugia's feather!", he exclaimed excited. When he saw that the trio had absolutely no idea what the fuck was he talking about, he decided to explain. "Well, it is a legend that a Pokemon named Lugia will fly over the sky every night and that once every 5000 years he drops a feather. A silver feather. The one who finds it shall be well be granted one wish from Lugia. But rarely who believes into this legend. It's just a myth. There is no Lugia. It's like trying to catch smoke-", and excited screams which came from outside interrupted him. They ran out on the street. A giant shadow of a black, or purple bird Pokemon flew over the town. Curios Pokemon looked at the sky.
-"You were saying?", sarcastically commented Blaze to Sealeo.
-"But...but, it can't be! Lugia is exactly like this, except...He's a white-blue color! I don't understand this..."
-"Blaze, Zap, we better be on our gua-"
He never finished that sentence. The Lugia started waving with it's wings at the town, with every wave blowing a dozen houses away.
-"Goddamit! Idiot! Yes, you!", heard Jolteon. He saw shiny eyes, looking at him from a slightly opened doors. "Get in!", the mysterious voice yelled. He signalled Blaze and Stream to follow him and tumbled into the house. Blaze and Steam followed. It was pitch black inside. They heard a click, and the light turned on. In the room, stood...
-"Why, they look exactly like us! Extraordinary!", yelled Stream. In front of them were a Leafeon and a Glaceon. "Maybe we are cousins?", he asked. But the ground shook from another attack from Lugia.
-"Eh, no time to chit chat! Get in!", said the Leafeon, and pointed at a wide hole, which went to an underground tunnel. They all stumbled in. It was pitch black again.
-"Blaze?", said Stream. Blazes tail lit up. "Thank you very much. Now, may I kindly ask our saviors WHERE IN THE NAME OF THE FIFTH JAPANESE EMPEROR ARE WE GOING?", he yelled. Leafeon and Glaceon turned around.
-"Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh! We'll explain everything later! Now GO!", the Glaceon replied. It seemed that she was a female. They walked through the dimly lit up tunnel for about a half an hour, going upwards. No one spoke, because everyone was wondering where were they going. They emerged twenty yards away from their house. "Quick, get in!", Glaceon hurried them. They all ran into the round wooden cottage. Moona looked at them, suprised.
-"Well, you could have said that you would bring guests! I would have made more!", said Moona. Zap looked at her suspiciosly.
-"Moona? Are you feeling well? You...you made dinner.", he said to her.
-"Ofcourse I did, silly! Like any good sister would!", she said. Zap's pupils widened.
-"It's a trap! Run!", he yelled, but it was too late. Sunbo already cut them of from the doors. The two transformed into Dittos.
-"Who are you and what have you done to the Juniors!", yelled at them Steam.
-"The Umbreon and Espeon are tied down under the table. But you won't be needing that information since you'll be joining them tied up soon.", answered one of the Dittos. They both transformed into Tyranitars.
-"Hehehehe...wrong move, carpet maids. Blaze, Zap...leave this to me, ok?", said Stream.
-"O.K, whatever, just, do it outside. We don't want to thrash the house", answered Zap with a sinister smile.

Here, eat it up! Written by me! Thanks for Shadow who encouraged me to post it! More later! If you read, comment please!
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Old 03-04-2009 (03:12 PM)
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Default Re: Lugia's Revenge

Funny. Interesting. Vivid description. Awesome!
Excellent work bro!
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Old 03-06-2009 (03:52 PM)
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Default Re: Lugia's Revenge

-"Huh? Where...where am I?", he thought. He opened his eyes. The air around him smelled foul, and he was floating in some kind of empty purple space. "What...WHO ARE YOU!?", he yelled. He heard silent voices in his ears.
-"I am you, and you are me. We are together. We are one...I am he hushed part of you, all your dark thoughts and wishes...", Lugia heard. A copy of himself came out of nowhere. But it had different colors. Its crimson eyes glowed with lust and pure evil. It's body was almost completely purple, but it's belly and the patches around its eyes were grey."I am Shadow Lugia. And there is nothing you can do anymore-soon we shall be united...These fools freed me. Now I am in their control, that is, untill I get that feather that is...Then I can separate us, and nothing shall be able to stop me...", he said.
-"You dumbass! Cockhead! Pirate! Bucaneer! Ectoplasm! What do you think, that I am just going to sit here and allow that to happen!? I don't think so...There are no else Pokemon in here...I suppose this is my soul, right? So that means...I CAN UNLEASH MY FULL POWER!", he yelled, and waved his wings at the Shadow Lugia. An incredible force went towards Shadow Lugia. But Shadow Lugia simply dissapeared and reappeared behind Lugia.
-"I don't think it worked", he replied, an swung it's enormous wing at Lugia. Lugia tried to dodge it, he really did; but Shadow Lugia caught him by suprise. He went flying throught the purple space.
-"Hehehe...there are no walls in here, just empty space...It didn't hurt a bit", he said.
-"Oh yeah? Well try this...DARK BLAST!!!", yelled Shadow Lugia. A black/purple ball of energy started to collect between its wings. Lugia smiled.
-"Aeroblast!", he yelled. A white version of that energy ball appeared. The energy balls were fired both at the same time. They crashed in mid-air, but Lugia's ball neutralised the Dark Blast and transformed into a giant whirlwind, and slashed Shadow Lugia.
-"Not bad...but still, not a match for me!", said Shadow Lugia.
-"That's what you think...Hydro Pump!", he yelled again. An enourmous blast of water shot out of his mouth.
-"Spark Field!", yelled back Shadow Lugia, and a blue transparent sphere appeared around him. He took only a part of the damage. "It's my turn now! Shadow Bomb!", he yelled. He teleported above Lugia, rolled up in a big ball, wrapped in dark energy and tried to crush Lugia. Lugia was slowly starting to adapt to his counterparts speed, so he barely managed to avoid this attack. But he didn't know how much more he could last. "Shadow Slash!", yelled Shadow Lugia, yet again-but Lugia simply smiled.
-"It's my turn to attack now.", said Lugia. Shadow Lugia's wings transformed into giant blades made out of purple, dark energy. But Lugia swiftly avoided the attack and caught Shadow Lugia by its head, and then bashed it with his tail.

Here we are, back at Gaze Valley. Vaporeon and the two Dittos, that is, Tyranitars were standing outside of the cottage
-"Sandstorm!", yelled one of the Tyranitars. A sandstorm whipped up out of nothing.
-"Thunder Punch!", yelled the other one. His fist became enveloped in a electric charge which probably packed more volts than Zap did when he saw pie. But Stream transformred into steam and reappeared ten meters above them with a giant wave beneath him.
-"Surf!", he yelled, and the giant wave crushed down on the two Tyranitars. They tumbled back on their backs and transformed back into Dittos. Vaporeon landed with a soft "thud" like a Delcatty would. "Well," he said, "that took care of them. Now, let's go free Moona and Sumbo, shall we?", he asked the others, and entered the house.

Comments, please? Anyone?
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Old 03-11-2009 (07:12 PM)
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Default Re: Lugia's Revenge

haha, looks great!
I once had my own pokemon fic too… ah, good ol' times *sigh*

anyhoo, keep up the good work ;D
Please do check out my blog. All kinds of things there, so there's probably something you like, too!
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Old 09-25-2011 (11:22 AM)
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Default Re: Lugia's Revenge

Omigosh, such an ominous story line. I love it, good job! Keep it up
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